A Podiatrist, an Instagram Professional, and Mattel Reply to the Barbie Toes Craze

Instagram tendencies can get bizarre, however earlier than we take into account them completely new, we wish to take our time to research the hype. The Instagram craze we wish to name " Barbie Toes " is a phenomenon that’s all the fashion as we speak amongst style fashions, celebrities and women. The concept behind this pattern is to take a seat on the toes to elongate the legs and flex the muscle tissues slightly. It looks as if you had been sporting excessive heels with out the footwear. This positioning of the leg is sort of equivalent to that of Barbie. As a rule, this pose is accompanied by a swimsuit or a summer time match, as these are the events when no footwear reside.

The hype is now confirmed (simply scroll right down to see all of the Instagram proof), so as to additional examine, we contacted three specialists from completely different areas: a podiatrist, an Instagram knowledgeable and a spokesman for Mattel. Learn on to find what everybody has to say from their very own viewpoint and to purchase footwear that can give Barbie's toes an allusion to each time no shoe is feasible.

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